a roodle noodle example story
aka: "the happy tom"

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tom fewelry makes jewelry.

he runs a brand called tf necklaces.

tom signs up w/ roodle noodle for a full 4ft display - flat fee $500.

we send tom a security deposit and tom ships tf necklaces to us.

tom decides on sending 20 necklaces and decides on pricing at $60 each.

we work with tom ahead of time on signage, display, sales strategy.

we bring everything to the fest. we have a blast selling tf necklaces.

we take pictures and videos for tom to post on his insta and fridge.

we sell out of tf Necklaces! tom gets $60x20

= $1,200. tom pays the flat fee $500.

thats 1 happy tom!

made $$$.

tf necklaces on necks.

brand awareness galore.

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roodle noodle faqs

who sets the prices?

you set the prices for everything you send us. we can help as needed. we discuss any discounts/special offers you want us to execute leading up to the fest.


who attends the fest?

the roodle noodle team brings your work to the fest. but you can come too! if you do attend, you can come by the booth at a scheduled time that you share to your fans, or just to visit! tickets not provided.


what if the items do not sell out? what if they don't sell at all?

it happens. s&*t happens. if we sell less than your placement fee’s worth of product, we pay to ship it back after the fest. if we sell a good amount but not all your product, we can keep the leftovers and offer a 50% discount off of a next placement. or we can send you back the leftovers.


does there have to be product shipped/sold to participate?

no! lots of times, brands or artists want to just get their name out and dedicate the whole space to linking back to their website. or sometimes we just display a product and festival attendees can order it online to have it shipped for when they are home from the festival.


do all of the items shipped need to fit within the display space?

no. we can display what fits well and re-stock as we sell. send as much as you think will sell.


other questions.

please email hello@roodlenoodle.com. socials coming “soon”! or use our homepage to get in touch.